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Spring 2

Easter Bonnet's

Autism Awareness Week


Exploring Capacity

This week we have been exploring capacity and volume in our Mathematics lessons. We used cups and rice to show different capacities and used the correct vocabulary to describe how much rice was in the cup. 

We really enjoyed this lesson (even if it was a little bit messy!)

Famous Figure Afternoon - Lady Gaga

This afternoon we learnt about and celebrated our famous figure for this half term - Lady Gaga. 

We listened to some of her songs and joined in with some dances from 'Just Dance' too! 

We then drew portraits of her which I am sure you will agree are fantastic! We finished the afternoon by making our own musical instruments using cups and elastic bands. It was a super afternoon! 

Comic Relief

The children looked fantastic today dressed as Mr Men and Little Miss characters. 

Thank you to all the effort put into their outfits and for the generous donations towards this important cause. 

Science Week 2023 - Connections

The theme for Science week this year was connections. Throughout the day on Friday the children in Year 1 took part in different science experiments. They rotated across the 3 classes which was lovely for the teachers too! 

The children helped Miss Good to complete an ice melting experiment. The children had to predict what would melt the ice the fastest - the warm water, the cold water or the salt. 

The children helped Miss Powell to predict how what would happen to our kitchen roll rainbow when it was put into cups of water. 

The children helped Miss Wosser predict what would happen to the skittles when warm water was poured onto them. 

The children had fantastic ideas and predictions. They enjoyed helping take part in the experiments and finding out if their predictions were correct too! We had a fantastic day! 


In our Mathematics lesson today we began to explore measures. We discussed the difference between standard measures and non-standard measures. We thought about the different resources that we could use to measure, which included a ruler, a tape measure, paper clips and cubes.

We then explored measuring the length of objects around the classroom using paper clips, cubes and rulers.

World Book Day 2023