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Spring 2

WC 20.03.2023

This week, in Maple Class, we visited our linking school Alkrington Primary School. We were greeted by our friends outside their school and then we were invited inside. We played games in the hall, spent some time in their classroom and talked to our partners about what they like to find out what we both have in common. We took part in a PE lesson where we undertook some challenging teamwork tasks. The day was finished off by, listening to a story and creating a kindness jumper. We can't wait for them to visit Woodland next term! 

WB 06.03.2023

In Science this week, we have been exploring magnets and explaining how the North and South Pole attract but the North and North Poles and South and South Poles repel. We had lots of fun using the magnets to explore this and we are looking forward to finding out even more about magnets and forces in the weeks to come!

WB 27.02.2023

This week, we celebrated World Book Day! We enjoyed coming to school dressed as a book character and spent the day carrying out activities all around "Twisted Fairytales". In Year 3, we wrote our own alternative endings to Little Red Riding Hood and read them aloud to each other.

WB 27.02.2023


This week, in Computing we have been looking at commands and how to type them to create a shape. We began by learning the basic commands but before we typed these into a computer, we had a go ourselves by standing up and following the basic commands from our teacher. It was fun! This helped us understand how precise we had to be when we were typing our commands. By the end of the lessons, we were able to create different shapes by typing our commands confidently.