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Spring 2

WB 25.03.2024


This week in Maple class, we have been looking at poetry and have created our own poems about a volcano. We wrote our poems in a Haiku style which are one single verse consisting of three lines. The first and third line had 5 syllables and the second line had 7 syllables. We included features such as alliteration, onomatopoeias and personification to make our descriptions of the volcanoes come to life. After creating and evaluating our poems, we performed our poems to the whole class which we all really enjoyed listening to.



WB 18.03.2024


This week in design technology we have been looking at different mechanisms. We have spent time making a cams mechanism using cardboard and other materials to understand how things move. We will be using these mechanisms in order to design an automaton toy. 

WB 11.03.2024

In Science this term, we have been exploring forces and magnets. This week, we have been explaining how the North and South Pole have a 'magnetic attraction' but the North and North Poles and South and South Poles have a 'magnetic repulsion'. We had lots of fun using bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and wand magnets to explore this. After this, we the looked at magnetic fields and learnt that they emerge from the magnet's north pole and travels in an arc towards the south pole. We then observed what happened to the iron filings when they were places on a magnet, then on two magnets with a magnetic attraction and lastly, on two magnets with a magnetic repulsion. This really helped us to understand how magnetic fields work. 

WB 04.03.2024

This week, Cherry Class welcomed Alkrington Primary School into Woodland. Acrobats and artists came into school as part of the Linking Project to do some activities with us. The day was focused on a book called The Crown, by Emily Kapff where a girl speaking from the future, wears a crown made from the rubbish passed down to her by previous generations. Her Earth is covered by waste, but beneath the landfill she discovers a book of pictures that show her the past – our world as it is now – and she is filled with joy by the beautiful sky, land, sea and creatures that she sees. Therefore, we used our imaginations to express this through dance and we created shadow puppets out of recycled waste with our linking partners. We will be visiting Alkrington Primary School next term which we are very excited about!

WB 04.03.2024


Last week, Maple class visited their Linking Schools partner at Alkrington Primary School. They had such a fantastic day visiting their partner in their school. We started the day by doing team building exercises and spent time catching up with our partners. Then, we spent time collaborating in teams to see who could build the tallest tower out of newspaper and we designed our own sea creatures which reflected our individuality. We enjoyed our dinner in one of their classrooms and played on their playground with all the children. In the afternoon, we created a 'together town' and we had a thrilling game of dodgeball. We can't wait for our partners to visit us at Woodland next term! 

WB 26.02.2024

Cherry Class are continuing to take part in Military School this term. This week we had to work as a team to attached pipes ensuring water flowed through the pipe line and into a collection tray. It was challenging to make it work successfully but we finally did it. Then we was challenged further and had to make a super long pipe line as a class. We are excited for the rest of the half term!