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Spring 2


This week we have celebrated World Autism Acceptance Week 2022, celebrating 60 years of the Autism Association.  We have worked together with Rochdale Additional Needs Team to create paperchains for around our school that celebrate autism and all our children with autism. We have taken part in assemblies with other schools in Rochdale and lots of other activities focusingon the number 60! We have had a very special day today where we dressed in 60s style clothing or 6 different colours to show are awareness and acceptance of Autism at Woodland.

25.03.2022 - Science

As part of our Science topic of 'Working Scientifically', Year 5 have been investigating the different types of fingerprints and examining their own! They discovered that there are three main types of finger prints, one of which is extremely rare! All the children took part in stamping their own fingers to see which category they belonged to - some even landed in the rare category! 


This week, the children in Willow spent time looking at a range of holiday brochures. They identified the key elements of them in preparation for writing and creating their own. 

10.03.2022 - Science

This week in science, the children were working scientifically to investigate which liquids cause most damage to teeth. The children used egg shells to replicate the enamel on teeth and liquids such as cola, coffee, fruit juice and water. After leaving the egg shells in the liquids for several days, the children took them out and observed them for changes in appearance, texture and smell. 

04.03.2022 - Maths

This week in Elm class we have been dividing 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using concrete resources. We have been learning how to use base 10 and place value counters to help us to calculate division and some of us have even moved on to using the bus stop method!