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Spring 2


All week, Year 6 have been taking penalties to celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week. The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘Super 60 Challenge’ in order to celebrate the National Autistic Society’s 60th anniversary. Our initial target of taking 60 penalties was quickly surpassed. In the end, I think we achieved closer to 600! 



Art - This week in art, we have been working hard to use different gradient pencils for sketching. We firstly experimented with different pencils and looked at the different textures and techniques they can create. Our favourite pencils were then chosen for our sketching and shading portraits. It was really hard to recreate some of the soldiers within the World War but the results were amazing!


Imperial War Museum - We were lucky enough to go on another school trip! We went into Manchester to the Imperial War Museum to learn more about World War 2, which is our topic within school. We were surrounded by different artefacts, sounds and experiences relating to wars throughout the ages. Luckily, on the way we visited, there was a 101 year old World War 2 veteran in the museum, who was able to answer any questions we had! This was such a fantastic opportunity and we were so grateful to 'Frank Tolley' for sharing his life stories. 


Science - This week in Science, we have been working scientifically to discover our finger prints. We first off learnt some interesting information about them, such as how they are formed in the womb and how they are unique to each and every person. We then were given the opportunity to look at our own fingerprints and even see if we would be detectives and lift them off surfaces, similarly to how they do in the police! 

History - This week in History, Sycamore class have been producing a non-chronological report using all of the information they have learnt about World War 2 and how this impacted on children's lives. Firstly, they recapped what a non-chronological report was, the features it has and what it needed to look life. They then researched for additional facts related to different sub-headings. We are really pleased with our final pieces!