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Spring 2

Conscience Alley

This week, we took part in a Conscience Alley where we offered our advice to Halibut Jackson to help him decide whether he should or should not attend the Queen's birthday party. We had to think of reasons to support our opinion and present these to Halibut. These reasons will form part of our persuasive letters, later in the week. 




In our DT lessons, we wrote a recipe for a Victoria Sponge cake and drew and labelled what our cake would be like. We then followed the recipe to bake our very own cakes. As you can see from the photos, we all thought that our cakes were delicious! 



Science Week 


This week the whole school took part in Science Week. First, we went on an orienteering expedition across school to find out lots of information about different famous scientists. We used a map to find different stations around the school grounds and read and recorded our information as a class. We found out lots of new information about the scientists!



Next, we took part in an different experiment, focusing on working scientifically. We made predictions about what would happen when we added water and milk to a plate of skittles. Then we took part in the experiment and wrote an evaluation about what had happened. The skittles in the water created a really bright, beautiful rainbow!