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Summer 1

Art - Making our own paper

Today we created our own paper. We initially broke up pieces of newspaper and let them soak in warm water for 30minutes. This left a paper pulp which we were able to then push into our screens to create a base. After this we added dried flowers and sequins into our desired design. We were very impressed with how our paper turned out!!

Art - Paper crafting

As part of our Mixed Media unit, we explored and experimented with a range of paper craft techniques. We looked at a model video showing paper folding, marbling and quilling. We used the help guides and the examples to try each of the different techniques. We are very impressed with the work we produced by following the steps!

Relationships - Safety within online communities

Today as part of our Relationships unit, we explored different communities which have age restrictions. We thought about whether these scenarios were safe, unsafe or not sure. We discussed what we thought these restrictions were and realised that owning a mobile phone, which is a gate way to lots of communities, does not have an age limit. We discussed the implications of this and ways to ensure we are safe at all times online.

Design Technology - Testing a structure

Today we explored the key question of ‘How is support, stiffness and stability created in structures?’ From this, we created three different structures working on how to improve them each time. We considered the shapes, post and lintel system and arranging materials. In conclusion, we found that the stability of a building is affected by the way in which the materials are arranged in the structure. We had fun watching our structures fall and making them stronger each time!