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Summer 1

Taking Away

In our Mathematics lesson we have been using tens frames to explore ‘taking away’ and finding how many we have left. We used stories to discuss how many we had now, next and then.
The children counted an amount of counters from a larger group and put them into their tens frame. They then took an amount of counters away. Finally they said how many they had left.
We used super subitising skills to recognise how many we had left on our tens frames.

Animals and their babies

In our project lesson we have been learning about animals and their babies. We read the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ where the butterfly found it hard to find monkey’s mum because the butterfly and their babies do not look the same. We found that lots of the animals and their babies do look the same and matched their pictures. We then completed a learning task independently where we matched the animals to their babies.

Printing Caterpillars

The children have been creating caterpillars in the creative area. They used the plant pots to print a circle for the parts of the caterpillars body. Some children then added a head and some legs to their caterpillars too!

Minibeast Art

In the creative area the children used a range of materials and tools to create minibeasts art work. As you can see we tried different colours and textures to create each piece of work. When the children made an error they thought about how to preserve and improve next time.

Maths 13.05.24

Making fruit salad

The children enjoyed making a fruit salad with lots of delicious fruits as part of our learning around the text 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne.