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Summer 1



We had a great lesson today showing off our learning by creating our own planets and placing them in the correct order from the sun! 

20.05.2022 - Food Technology - This half term, we have been looking at America and studying the different types of cuisine. The children experienced making their very on American style burgers from scratch. Each child designed their own recipe, adding different herbs and spices and then adding their favourite salad and sauces on the top. 

16.05.2022 - English - This week, the children have been looking at descriptive language needed for a setting description. Willow class worked collaboratively to generate a wide range of powerful adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification.

10.05.2022 - Computing - This week, the children were working on designing their own food packaging using Purple Mash 2deign and Make. Children made a design brief along side their work to show their thought processes behind each piece. 

05.05.2022 - English - This week, the children have been looking at the features of a non-chronological report. In today's lesson, the children conducted collaborative research about space and space travel. In groups, the children used iPad's to find out information about the necessary requirements for space travel.