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Summer 1

Physical Education

In year 4 children have been learning to apply a broad range of athletic skills in different ways.  These skills, practiced in isolation and combination include running, jumping and throwing with control and consistency.

Electrical Circuits and Components

Today we looked at how to make a simple electrical circuit. In groups we constructed 3 different electrical circuits; one with a bulb, one with a motor and the last with a bulb and motor. We looked at the importance of a complete circuit and how a broken circuit doesn't work. We spoke about why a circuit may not work and what the reasons could be when they don't. 

Statues, Statuettes and Figurines


This half term in Art we have explored the significance of statues and figurines in Ancient Sumer. We looked at a range of different pictures and videos of statues, statuettes and figurines and explored their size, character, form and detail. From this we created our own three-dimensional figure influenced by Ancient Sumerian art.