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Summer 2

WB 03.06.2023

This week, we have been lucky enough to take part in scooting activities. We were taught how to balance and how to bend our leg whilst on the scooter safely. We then had a scooter disco and performed any tricks we knew. We had lots of fun!!

WB 26.06.2023

In Art and Design, Maple Class have been exploring, designing and creating mosaics. We began by exploring different mosaics and created a thumbnail sketch of a mosaic. Next, we gathered ideas and explored the characteristics of mosaics, before practising techniques needed to create a mosaic using paper tesserae. Then we were ready to begin creating our own  mosaics ensuring we created a pattern, left spaces between each tile and finally covering it in grout. They look amazing!!

WB 05.06.2023 

This week in Maple Class, we have been busy completing our 'Greenhouses' DT Topic. We began by creating structures using jelly sweets to help us understand how to make a structure more secure and stronger. Then we investigated different sheet materials to find the best material for our greenhouse. We wanted the material to be transparent, strong and waterproof to allow a plant to grow. Next, we designed out greenhouse and then we followed this design plan to create our very own greenhouses - they look fabulous! Finally, we evaluated our greenhouses, thinking about what worked well and what improvements we could make. We had so much fun!