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Summer 2

Arch Alliance 'Sorting Things' workshop


Through the Arch Alliance, our Year 5 classes were lucky enough to receive a workshop linked to sorting things. Throughout this, we took part in:

1. Separating salt, lentils and pasta using a sieve.

2. Observing ‘identical’ substances to look for subtle differences.

3. Sorting these substances into acid, alkali or neutral using an indicator.

4. Separating the pigments in ink using chromatography.

5. Separating lettuce and water using a salad spinner (a centrifuge) and comparing this with the use of an actual centrifuge to separate out salad cream.


We enjoyed getting hands on and exploring the different elements of science - each investigation developed on the work from the previous one and we were able to develop our knowledge and understanding throughout. 

Groundbreaking Greeks - A Greek Experience Day

In Year 5, the children were visited by two Greeks, one of Athens and one from Sparta. We began the day learning about the differences of these two Greek cities. We looked at important artefacts from this time and played some of the Greek games too. In the afternoon, we make our own Greek coins which would gain us entry to Greek shows and performances and then finally put on a spectacular Greek show of our own! We had a fantastic day!