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Summer 2

WB 17.06.2024

This half term Year 3 are working on an Art and Design project called 'Mosaic Makers.' This links to our History project 'Empires and Emperors' as we have been looking at Roman homes and public buildings, learning how wealthy Roman's flooring and walls were covered in mosaic patterns. We began by looking at examples of mosaics, identifying the features, colours and patterns and then we had a go at drawing some examples. After this, we made our own patterns using paper tesserae, ensuring we made a clear pattern and left interstices. We then used this pattern as a plan for our real mosaic, we used the same technique but used tile tesseraes and finally finished it by covering the tile in grout to secure them in place. They look amazing! 

WB 10.06.2024


This week, we took part in our Woodland Sports Day. We took part in lots of different activities such as running, egg and spoon race, obstacles and more. We has so much fun! 

WB: 03.06.2024

This week, in Military School Maple class were tasked with creating a catapult in their teams. The children had to collaborate and use their team working skills to piece together the equipment. They had to use the correct length pieces and the correct nuts and bolts to ensure the catapult was secure. Then, the children created a safe space to test out their catapult and attempted to aim towards a target. It was lots of fun!