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Summer 2



In English, children have been using role play to understand dilemmas and situations that Shackleton and his crew found themselves in. In the images below, the children are performing the scene in which Shackleton briefs his men on the treacherous mission ahead.




24.06.2022 - Art

This week in art, we have been reproducing ammonite fossils. We used a mix of different artistic media such as oil pastels, water colours, shading pencils and felt tips. We moved around different tables using tips and techniques to recreate shadow, line and texture within our drawings. 

21.06.2022 - Children’s Well-being Trip


Year 6 we’re lucky enough to visit Heywood Sports Village alongside other schools to take part in a wellbeing transition afternoon. We took part in different workshops on, ‘Food and Mood’, ‘Yoga and Mindfulness’ and ‘Emotions’. We discussed how it was ok to feel nervous yet excited for high school and that we must reach out and speak to adults if we need support with these emotions.



14.06.2022 - Science 


This week in Science we began to look at genetics and how we inherit our genes from both sets of parents. We created family trees to show genetics using different coloured gummy bears. This really helped to understand how genetics are passed through generations as through offspring. 

07.06.2022 - Maths 

This week in maths, we have been learning about statistics and how we interpret data in different forms. We had to draw line graphs, which can be a tricky task. Therefore, we used chalk outdoors and drew big lines graphs in groups. We had to decide on the intervals and the x and y axis! They turned out amazing!