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Summer 2

What do owls eat?

In Science we have been investigation what a owl eats. We explored owl pellets which helps us to see what a bird has been eating, which is valuable for studying seasonal changes in diet and the habitat it lives and hunts in. We had to soak the pellet in water and disinfectant before being able to break it up and explore what was inside. We found lots of bones including a bird skull, animal hips, ribs and leg bones. We loved exploring and classifying the different bones. 

How do worms move?


As part of our new Science cornerstones project, we explore the key question of "How do worms move?" We used magnifying glasses to look at the body of the worms and found out that worms do not have a skeleton, but instead have a complex muscular system that they use to help them move. We also tested whether earthworms can sense and move away from the edge of a table and travel across gaps - we found that some could but others fell off the table... luckily - we caught them!



Prehistoric Pots


As part of our art and design project, we have planned, made and painted our own prehistoric pots out of clay. We learnt about the Bell Beaker Pottery used in the Roman era and based our designs on these. We found it tricky to model the clay into the exact shape we required but we used a range of techniques to help us. We then mixed our own colours to create a colour palette similar to that used on the Roman pottery. We are very proud of our creations! 

Roman Experience Day


As part of our project "Emperors and Empires," we had a visit from Widget Workshops looking at many different aspects of the Romans. Throughout the day we learnt about Roman games, Roman building and construction, Roman clothing, Roman soldiers and used the Virtual Reality headsets to experience different Roman places such as Pompeii, The Colosseum and Hadrian’s Wall. We all had a fabulous day and loved it!


RE visit from Vicar Paul


As part of our RE focus of "Can I investigate what it means to be a Christian living in Britain today?" we had a visit from Vicar Paul. Paul shared with us what being a vicar is like and what he does in his day to day life. During Paul’s visit, he told us what responsibilities he has as a vicar. We asked our questions and talked about why life as a Christian might be difficult sometimes. Paul told us about how often he prays, why he likes to pray and how he became a vicar. It was fabulous having a visitor!