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Summer 2

Our day at St Anne’s 

As part of our Geography learning on Coastlines we took part in an enrichment visit to St Anne’s beach to see the different human and physical features of the coastline. When we arrived, we went on a coastal walk along the promenade. We saw lots of different geographical features such as; the beach, pier, fish and chip shop, lifeboat station and beach huts. Then we ate our lunch on the beach and played various beach games! We had so much fun! 



Our main project this half term is ‘Coastline’. This project teaches the children about the physical and human features of coastal regions across the United Kingdom, including a detailed exploration of the coastal town of Whitby, in Yorkshire. Within our Geography lessons we have carried out lots of map work, including the use of keys and compasses to read maps. We also learnt about coastal erosion and demonstrated the process of this using sand, pebbles and water.



Our mini art project this half term is called Flower Head. This project has taught us about the visual elements of flowers, including shape, texture, colour, pattern and form. We have also explored various artistic methods, including drawing, printmaking and 3-D forms using paper and clay. We have also studied the work of Yayoi Kusama and based our final project on her work.

Design and Technology


Our mini project this half term is called Beach Huts. Within this project, the children have been learning how accurately measure, using rulers, wooden dowels to 20cm. The children practised first within their Mathematics lessons and then used this skill in their Design and Technology lessons. The children then learnt how to use a saw safely to cut each wooden dowel, with some support at first, but very quickly the children became very confident. The children used sandpaper to smooth the edges and then used hot glue guns to stick the wooden dowels together. Finally the children used coloured card to act as cladding on their beach huts. The children were able to evaluate their projects appropriately.