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Summer 2

Week Commencing 10th July 2023

This week we have been getting ready for Year 1 so in English we all wrote letters to our new teachers so they could know the things we enjoy, are good at and those areas we need a little more support. In maths we have consolidated our learning from across the year and strengthened our number bounds and ability to identify and create simple repeated patterns. In project we have continue to build on our thoughts and feelings as we 'move on' into our next stage of learning. We have familiarised ourselves with the new classrooms, routines and teachers that will be working alongside us. In addition to this we also had our first Woodland's Got Talent KS1 and Early Years show which was a great success. All children involved really impressed the rest of the school and our judging panel with there many talents.

Week Commencing 3rd July 2023

This week in English: we have started a new text ‘Ruby’s Worry.’ It is all about how a young girl struggles to manage her worry. This has helped the children to explore their own emotions and worries as they begin the transition into their next stage of education. We now know that it is good to share our worries in the hope they do not grow like the girls in the book. In mathematics this week, we have recapped doubling numbers, reasoning and matching numbers with different visual representations. We have also continued to strengthen our numberbonds and subertising skills. In project it is all about ‘Moving On.’ This week we have had our taster (transition) day in Year 1 and have reflected on all the things that we might know or need to know, to help us prepare. We are all very ready and excited to begin Year 1. As a special treat we also had a surprise visit from Scoot Fit!

Week Commencing 26th June 2023

This week we have continued to explore our English text 'The Sea Saw'. We have discussed how it felt when Sofia was reunited with her long lost teddy bear and used these ideas to write a diary entry. In maths this week, we have recapped subertising and looked at some problems involving numbers. The children really impressed us with their problem solving and reasoning skills looking for different solutions (answers). In project, we have looked at pirates and treasure maps thinking about the use of positional language and which materials would be best to make pirate clothes. We also this week continued to embrace ‘Pride’ month through making special colourful wands and discussing how we love and except everyone.

Week Commencing 19th June 2023


This week we have continued to explore our English text 'The Sea Saw'. We have discussed the bears feelings and his journey through the sea, we talked about him feeling lost, anxious and upset. The children have then been able to use their ideas to to form a piece of writing. In Mathematics, we have been learning all about odd and even numbers. We know that even numbers can be shared equally and have a partner, and odd numbers don't. We used numicon to sort between odd and even numbers to support our understanding.

Week Commencing 12th June 2023

In English this week, we have continued to look at our brand new text 'The Sea Saw.' We have completed some 'beach' related provision to link to this text. We have talked about what activities we enjoy at the beach, and had fun building sandcastles in in our very own classroom beach! We have been busy in the playdough area making sea life creatures, and labeling parts of a whale in the investigation area. In Mathematics, we have focused on sharing. We have used lots of resources in pairs to share. We know that when we share an amount, it must be equal and fair. 

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Week Commencing 5th June 2023

In English this week, we looked at our brand new text 'The Sea Saw.' This is a lovely text all about a girl who loses her teddy and the journey of the sea returning it to her. We have really enjoyed exploring the relationship between the main character Sofia and her bear. In Maths, we looked at doubling and what it means through lots of practical exercises. We have also continued to focus on Phase 4 phonics, recognising digraphs and trigraphs within longer words. Project this term is 'On the Beach,' so we have transformed our classroom into a seaside resort. The children have really enjoyed using their imaginations to transport themselves to the seaside.