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Year 2

In line with the national curriculum, there is a statutory requirement for children in KS2 to learn a foreign language. At Woodland Community Primary School, children entering KS2 will have a basic foundation in MFL learning, thanks to the provision and experiences provided in EYFS and KS1. There is no statutory requirement for children in EYFS or KS1 to learn a foreign language so it is not taught weekly.

Day of the Dead / All Saints' Day 2023

What is the Day of the Dead?

It is one of Mexico’s biggest celebrations. Families pay their respect to lost loved ones, and in typical Mexican fashion, the festival is vibrant and colourful with skeleton themed paraphernalia adorning the streets. All Saints’ Day, which remembers the patron saints and those who have sadly passed, is celebrated on November 1, with Day of the Dead following the next day.

Whereas Halloween is a dark night of terror and mischief, Day of the Dead festivities unfold over two days – November 1 and 2, the same as All Saints Day and All Souls Day in Christianity – in an explosion of colour and life-affirming joy. The point is to demonstrate love and respect for deceased family members. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revellers do funky makeup and costumes, hold parades and parties, sing and dance, and make offerings to lost loved ones. The rituals are rife with symbolic meaning. The more you understand about this tradition, the more you will appreciate it.