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Year 3

Summer 1- Relationships

Spring 2 - Healthy Me

Spring 1 - Dreams and Goals

Autumn 2 - Celebrating Differences

Autumn 1 - Being Me in The World

PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 5 - Relationships

This puzzle piece is about making, maintain and promoting heathy relationships. This involves relationships within families and also within schools and our local community. It teaches us how to manage to our relationships, what safe relationships look like and how positive relationships can have a positive impact on our lives.


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PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 4 - Healthy Me

This puzzle piece is about health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Children will learn good practices for maintain a good level of health and wellbeing, what factors can affect it and how to over comes these.

PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 3 -Dreams and Goals

This puzzle piece is about goal setting and aims for the distant and ‘not-too-distant’ future. The puzzle invites children to reflect on their aims and how to achieve them, what might be a barrier to success & what they could do to over come it

PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 2 -Celebrating Difference.

This puzzle piece is about acknowledging and challenging stereotypes, being aware of differences between others and how these differences should be celebrated.

PSHE Jigsaw Puzzle 1 - Being Me in the World.

As part of Year 3's PSHE learning, they have been sharing personal achievements that they are proud of and setting goals that they would like to achieve in Year 3. This was their first PSHE lesson with Jigsaw Jino, who they look forward to sharing our learning with throughout the year!