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Year 4

December 2023


In year 4, we have been learning to play the cornet which is part of the brass family.  We have also been learning to read notation.  

July 2023

In music this term we have learnt abut 'tonality' in music and how some chords are sad (minor) and some are happy (major). We have enjoyed learning the Wellerman song.

We have also ben playing rhythms on the Tambo Bamboo. It was great fun!

March 2023

Year 4 have been playing the Djembe this term. We have learnt lots about the history of the instrument and also its heritage. We have focussed on 'Rhythm' and have been reading, performing and composing our own rhythm grids. We have even played a game of rhythm bingo!

Sept 22

Year 4 have been looking at how music is written down and learning to read notation. we have been playing the recorder and have learnt 4 notes so far. We are following the music on the screen and playing along. It is quite tricky!

We've also been singing lots of songs too.

Year 4 are learning to play the ukulele. We have learnt about chords and are trying to play the chords C, F and G7. We have been plucking and strumming the strings and recapping on our key words of pitch, dynamics, tempo and pulse.

We have also been doing lots of singing too!