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Year 4

Autumn: Invasion


Year 4 have been learning about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal and are currently focusing on the Anglo-Saxon invasion. They have recently studied the mysterious Sutton Hoo burial ship discovery and the significance of the find. Children were amazed at the artefacts found in the ship and have been curious to find out more about how this incredible find has helped us to learn more about Anglo-Saxon beliefs and customs. 



Year 4: Who was the greatest explorer in History?


It is excellent to see Year 4 understanding the chronology of historical events from the past. In this lesson, they used their mathematical skills to work out the difference between dates of major events in history. 


Year 4: How have the Vikings changed Britain?



During the Spring Term, Year 4 completed Historical Flashbacks. The four questions were linked to the previous years learning, a previous topic, British History, and ordering significant events. Take a look at some examples below! 



This term, Year 4 are learning about Ancient Civilisation. So far, they have learned about how food, farming and nutrition helped Ancient Sumer to grow and develop, and the hierarchy and different roles in Ancient Civilisations.