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Year 5

February 2024


Children in  year 5 have been continuing to learn the trombone in their music lessons. They have learnt 4 notes and how to read the different notation.

They have also been learning to play together as an ensemble and trying to play different dynamics.


September 2023


In year 3 we have been playing the trombones. We have been learning how to handle the instruments carefully and safely.  We have been learning to read notation and keep I time to the music.  

September 2023


Year 5 have been exploring rhythm and pitch. We have been listening carefully to the music and finding the pulse.  

March 2023

Year 5 have been learning to compose. We have tried to create our own melody firstly by composing a rhythm and then added pitch to it.

We have also been looking at instruments of the orchestra.

Sept 22

Year 5 have been learning how to play the ukulele. We have learnt about chords and how these are structed. We have been strumming and plucking the ukuleles as well as singng some new songs.

In Year 5 we have been learning to play the keyboard.  They have been looking at the correct position of fingers when playing the keyboard and have been learning to play a simple melody.