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Year 5

Autumn 2023

Year 5’s new project this term is 'Dynamic Dynasties'. They will learn about the Chinese Dynasties through their History and Geography lessons. They will also read different books in English linked to Dynamic Dynasties. In History, they searched the definition of words that they will come across.



Year 5 have been learning about Groundbreaking Greeks. They have learned about Ancient Greece and it’s place in world history, researched using primary and secondary sources, looked at the Minoan civilisation and compared them to the Mycenaeans. 



Autumn: Dynamic Dynasties


Year 5 have recently conducted an investigation into the burial tomb of Fu Hao of the Shang Dynasty. They had to study the historical artefacts that were discovered in the tomb in order to establish an understanding into the character of Fu. Below is an example of their fantastic work.


Year 5: Dynamic Dynasties


In Autumn 2, Year 5 are studying Dynamic Dynasties, looking closely at the Shang Dynasty. So far this term, they have studied the hierarchal system present in the Shang Dynasty as well as the significance of the 'Oracle Bones'. There was also an opportunity to use line drawing to replicate a valuable ancient artefact used during that period.




Year 5: Why do so many people want to explore America?


My, my, year 5 have been busy this term! Here is a collection of work that has been part of their research into America. Notably, this includes a study into the Civil Rights protests and the racial segregation which divided America at that time. 


Year 5: How did London survive through the significant events in its history?