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Year 6



Children in year 6 have continued looking at 'composition' and used a programme called incredibox. They have discussed how songs are structured and how sounds are layered. In music this is called texture. They have used this programme to compose their own song and tried to include and introduction, a middle 8 and an ending. They have really enjoyed it.

Also the children have been choosing songs for their leavers assembly and practising singing these.


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February 2024

In year 6 we have really enjoyed using garage band to compose our own music. We have discussed how songs are structured with an introduction, main theme and an ending.

We have used loops to create different sounds and effects.

Dominik S .mp3

Ella A.mp3


Anum’s song.mp3


January 2024

In year 6, we have been sequencing using loops on garage band.  We have used this to create and share our own piece of music. 

July 23

In year 6 we have been using programmes on the laptops to compose. We have used incredibox and chrome music lab to make different compositions and sequencing pieces. It has been great fun.

May 2023


Year 6 have bee using a music program called chrome music lab. We have composed our own piece of music thinking about the structure of songs.

March 2023

Year 6 have been learning the cornet this term. We have played together as an ensemble and been reading the notation.

We have also learnt about tonality and why some music sounds happy and some sad and have learnt an A Minor chord on the ukulele. We also enjoyed using a composition sequencing programme called Incredibox where we created our own piece of music.

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Sept 21

Year 6 have been learning to play the ukulele. We have looked at chords and have been looking at Rock and Roll music. We've listened to Elvis and even tried to play along with a couple of his most famous songs.

Year 6 have been learning how to play the keyboard. They have been learning how to position their fingers and play a basic melody.