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Year 6

Year 6: How did World War 2 affect the lives of different people?


In art this week, the children have incorporated their topic question into their artwork by sketching photographs of soldiers from World War 2. First, they practiced their sketching techniques before carefully attempting to replicate half of the soldier's face. This proved quite difficult and we soon realised just how skilled artists needed to be! Overall, there were some super attempts though. Here are a few.




Year 6: How did World War 2 affect the lives of different people?


As part of our topic question, Year 6 focused on the lives of children during the war and how in particular their lives were impacted. Our lines of enquiry were based on questions we generated during initial discussions such as:

  • Did children still go to school during the war?
  • Were children injured or killed?
  • Could teenagers fight in the war or did they have to evacuate too?


After conducting some independent research, we collated the information we found as a class and began planning and designing how to include this in a non-chronological report. Here are some of our pieces of work. We are really proud of how they have turned out and the effort and determination that has been put into creating them.


Non-chronological reports

Year 6: How did WW2 affect lives of different people?