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Autumn 2

Week 6

Mathematics - This week, the children have been learning about 3D shapes. Using a range of 3D shapes, the children have been printing with paint and discussing the shapes of each individual face. 

Week 5

Mathematics - This week, the children have been looking at different shapes in their environments. We have been looking at squares, triangles and circles and the children were able to accurately identify the shapes of objects within the room and around school. 

Week 4

English - This week, we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have talked about the different events that have taken place and debated whether it was right or wrong to eat the porridge. The children then wrote cards of apology to the Three Bears for eating up the porridge. 

Week 3

Mathematics - This week, we have been learning about number neighbours. We have been practicing a song about which number come before or after numbers 1-20. The children loved learning all the neighbours and tried really hard!

Week 2

Mathematics - This week, the children have been practicing how to use a tens frame to represent different numbers. We used coloured counters to help identify how many we had altogether. The children then created their own tens frames for their own numbers. 

Week 1

English - This week we started the project ' Once Upon A Time' alongside the text 'There is no dragon in this story.' The children talked about the different characters in the story. We read the story and ordered the characters.