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Is the Rainbow Flag Award trans inclusive?

Unequivocally, yes.

The existence of trans and non-binary people is not a new thing, in fact gender diverse people have been celebrated in many cultures over millennia. Yet some schools remain nervous around this topic; a nervousness likely fuelled by purposeful misinformation and ignorance peddled by some sections of society.


Trans and non-binary people exist in our world and therefore exist in our schools. Where people are made to feel invisible and like they shouldn’t or don’t exist, poor mental health takes root. Where identities are openly explored, it is more likely that pupils will feel more accepted and able to thrive.


Trans inclusive education is not about telling young people who or what they are. Rather, it is about equipping young people with language and information to enable them to explore their own identity, and the world they live in, without fear of judgement, or worse.