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NCA - Occupational Therapy

The Children’s Occupational therapy team


The Children’s Occupational therapy team sits within the wider Children’s Integrated Community Health Services and is and is based at Callaghan House in Heywood.   


A child's life is made up of occupations (daily activities) these occupations include playing, learning and self-care.  

We aim to support children to participate more successfully in daily life.  


We work with children and their families to success in these activities and to reach their full potential.  

We help a child to minimise the impact of their difficulties and improve their ability to participate in their daily occupations by finding ways to overcome any problems they experience.  


We see children and young people aged 0 to 18 years, who are experiencing functional difficulties.  


These may be as a result of one or more of the following:  

  • Physical disabilities  

  • Complex multiple disabilities  

  • An operation or accident  

  • Co-ordination difficulties impacting on their ability to function  

  • Sensory difficulties impacting on their function and occupational performance

Contact details



Children’s Integrated Community Health Service

Children’s Occupational Therapy Team

Callaghan House

Cross Street


OL10 2DY


Phone number:

0161 206 0606

How to refer


Request for help (referral) accepted via letter or through the getting help portal:  


Referrals accepted from:  

  • GP  

  • Health professional  

  • Social care professional   

  • Self referral