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NCA- Speech and Language Team

Children's Speech and Language Therapy


The children’s speech and language therapy team is part of the wider Children’s Integrated Community Health Service providing care and support for the residents of Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale.


Children and young people aged 0-19 can access our service if they require support with their communication and/or feeding.  


We provide

  • Assessment, goal setting and practical advice  

  • Evidence-based group and/or individual therapy   

  • Education and management advice for parents/carers including sign posting  

  • Therapy programmes to be implemented by parent/carers and teaching staff  

  • Advice, practical support, and strategies to educational settings  

  • Support and advice for language development in home language 


Please scroll down to see links to different stages of development. Click on a stage to find helpful information and resources.

Children’s Speech and Language
Therapy New Referral Process
We are trying new ways of working. We now need additional
information from referrers about what has already been tried
to support a child/young person’s communication skills.
 - To help us decide on the best type of support for each child.
 - There are many services available in the community which are approved and supported by our Speech and Language Therapy team to support children’s speech and language skills.
 - Not all children with speech, language and communication needs
need to be seen by Specialist Speech Therapy services.

- We want to make sure children/young people can receive the right
level of support at the right time.
What will change?
- When you refer, you will be sent additional questions to answer.
- Once we have received this information we will consider your referral.

How can I refer?


You can refer via our Getting Help portal:
We are moving towards Portal-only referrals. Please refer via the
Portal where possible.