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Pennine Care - CAMHS

SPOA - Single Point Of Access


Single Point Of Access (SPOA) Team are, we are a part of CAMHS, and we triage and gatekeep all referrals sent in by professionals and advise on an appropriate care pathway.


Think of us as the front door of CAMHS. The team is made up of myself and Chloe (SPOA Manager) and our Locality Mental Health Practitioners, as well as our admin staff (Taylor and Sarah).


As most of you know from speaking with us, we are a needs led service which means we focus on the child/young persons needs in the referrals you submit, this allows us to ensure our young people are getting the appropriate support they need at that time.


This isn’t to say we will not look at ASC or ADHD within your referrals, but we may recommend other work is explored and completed first or we may suggest to do things as well as the questionnaires. As always if you are ever unsure please do give us a call on 07935700979 or as some of you do, please email me or Chloe.


ADHD Questionnaires


ADHD questionnaires- Please only submit these if advised from the referral submitted outcome. Also remember to complete the ADHD SNAP School and ADHD SNAP Parent, and ADHD School checklist and return all together. We do notice that once it gets to a half term these often come in all separately (which we understand as there is often loose ends to tie up before finishing at half terms), however this does cause a delay and then they end up coming in dribs and drabs – which can lead to a delay. So please email all 3 questionnaires back to when requested!