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What have we been doing?

2023 -2024 English Ambassadors Overview

Spring 2023 - 2024 


The English Ambassadors have worked together to improve the use of library across school. The library is more widely used this term than in previous years. We have opened the library to children at lunch time daily; given each class a slot for library time throughout the week and opened the library to children and families on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3.00-3.45pm, however there is not a large take up for this despite weekly reminders to all children and families.


Autumn 2023 - 2024 


Our English Ambassadors have met 3 times already this year and have worked hard on their actions that they set out in our first meeting. The ambassadors have set out a poetry competition for the whole school that took place on Thursday 9th November 2023. The ambassadors visited unit assemblies to talk about the competition and got the children excited to take place. The ambassadors have entered all children into the competition through Young Writers and are awaiting to see if any of our Woodland poems have been published. Our ambassadors have also chosen a fantastic poem from each year group and have awarded the winning children with a £5.00 book token. A fantastic display of the children’s poetry is displayed in our corridor.


Our English Ambassadors have begun looking at how to engage our children in reading for pleasure. They are looking at how we can create an area for reading outside. The ambassadors have already ensured that children have time in their class timetable for reading for pleasure, that every class has a class book that they are reading throughout the week and a timetabled slot in the library to read for pleasure. They have talked to children in assemblies, promoting the use of the library at lunchtime and promoting family library sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school.


Our Ambassadors have also begun promoting Spelling Shed across the school, setting up a league for each class and monitoring the use of Spelling Shed. They have been into assemblies to promote the use of Spelling Shed, showing the children the games and how to interact in the activities both at school and at home. They have now created a display in a shared area around school that other children can access. 

Summer 2022 - 2023 


The English ambassadors have had a significant impact on the English curriculum at school this year. In the most recent pupil voice with our Ambassadors we asked them what they have enjoyed this year and anything different they would like to do next year.

Spring 2022 - 2023 - English Ambassadors began January 2023

Our English Ambassadors have been working together as a team this term to develop opportunities for children to engage more with their writing and reading curriculum. There have been four English Ambassador Meetings where the children have discussed and planned writing and reading competitions, World Book Day and how we can move forward with our Library.


Within spring term, the English leads and English ambassadors have developed a number of different writing competitions in conjunctions with Young Writers – ‘The Big Green Poetry Machine Writing competition’ and ‘The Diary of…. Writing competition’. All children in school have entered the competitions within school and have the opportunity to involve parents and carers and enter at home. English ambassadors are selecting winners for our school to win prizes and be showcased in school. If any of our children win the external competition they will be published into a book and school will be sent a number of these texts to share in school. Our younger English ambassadors are working on reading competitions to share with school, where children will take part at home and parents and carers will share pictures with the Ambassadors will select winners, for example ‘Extreme reading’, where children will send a picture of them reading in ‘extreme’ places.


World book day was organised and run by our Ambassadors, where the older Ambassadors came up with the theme ‘Twisted Fairy Tales’. The children came up with ideas for all year groups with a reading and writing theme. The day was very successful and is now showcased in our corridor on display.


During English Ambassador Meetings, the children talked about the school library and how lots of children in school are enjoying the library being open at dinnertime. The children discussed other ways for the library to be used including: timetabling the library to be used by all classes at least once a week; opening the library to the school community after school, where children and parents can share books and looking at how children can ‘borrow’ books to bring to their classroom. All ideas were shared with SLT and English leads are currently working on ways to utilise the school library more robustly.

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