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School Council

School Council 


The School Council at Woodland Community Primary School is a collaborative and pupil led group, with pupils from Reception to Year 6 taking part in half-termly meetings and discussions about issues facing the school. The children will have the opportunity to share and implement ideas that will help improve our school and community. Members of the School Council will be responsible for implementing ideas that have been agreed and shared with their peers. 


What will the School Council do?


  • Be a spokesperson for their peers and ensure everyone has a voice.
  • Identify any issues within their year group and give feedback at meetings. 
  • Improve school and the community for all.
  • Decide on action points for improvements.
  • Prioritise issues and the needs of the school. 
  • School tours for visitors. 
  • Be ambassadors for the school at important events. 
  • Help organise events.


School Council 2022-2023

Thank to all our candidates who submitted their application forms. All forms were completed and made the decision to shortlist very difficult. The semi-final proved equally difficult but after careful whole school deliberation, we are pleased to announce this year's School Council Representatives. 


Our School Council representatives for 2022-2023 are:

EYFS - Ogosha & Florence

Year 1 - Crispus & Sophie

Year 2 - Obed & Freya

Year 3 - Annabelle & Temmy

Year 4 - Ava L & Ollie

Year 5 - Jenson-James & Lola

Year 6 - Daisy & Leo

Arch Alliance School Council 10.11.22


Today, Woodland chaired the first Arch Alliance School Council. Woodland welcomed the schools from the Arch Alliance to begin to discuss our community project. As this was our first meeting, we began by talking about our individual qualities, before discussing our individual school values and how they can positively impact our community. 


"Respect, proactive and positive" were strong themes running throughout.


Thank you to Heap Bridge Primary, St Luke's Primary, Harwood Park, St Michael's, All Souls and Hopwood. 

Arch Alliance 10.11.22

School Council Meeting - 22.06.2022

Today, the School Council met with Mrs Cunningham and Mr Flaherty to discuss the actions that had been made from the previous meeting. The children, alongside the rest of Key Stage 2, had make some fabulous recycling posters that are going to be laminated and displayed around school. In addition to this, Mr Flaherty has managed to secure some amazing new recycling bins and we cannot wait to get them into the classrooms! 

Our meeting with Mrs Cunningham and Mr Flaherty - 08.06.2022


Today, the children were given the opportunity to discuss the actions we would like to take in response to our letter about recycling at Woodland. Our children spoke confidently and considerately about the changes they would like to make and decided on actions and next steps. Here are the meeting minutes below:

Our meeting with Mrs Cunningham - 07.04.2022


Once the students had finalised their letter to Mrs Cunningham, we delivered this in person in order to discuss our concerns in more detail. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to speak passionately about their concerns with Mrs Cunningham and proposed some fabulous ideas on some really positive changes they would like to make!

Our letter to Mrs Cunningham - 30.03.2022


This half term, the School Council have worked collaboratively to create a persuasive letter to Mrs Cunningham about the ways in which we recycle at school. Here is a copy of the letter below: